Greed, Hunger and Misery

‘Greed’, 36″ X 60″, oil on canvas.
‘Hunger’, 78″ X 120″, oil on canvas. 1993

I made a few sketches all related to finding the greed characterization. Its more about what greed does, eats your children, than what it looks like. Its a beast that has possessed many on this world, and this is its demand, Misery.

‘Misery’, 9″ X 12″, acrylic on canvas, 2011.

Jimmy the Billionaire

If you give Jimmy the billionaire a $50,000 tax break, he might order a pizza, if he can find a coupon. More likely, already invested in cleaning supplies. Give Jimmy the Janitor $50 and he will spend it, the same day, on necessities. That’s how you save the economy you greedy selfish FU@Ks!!!

Jimmy the Janitor.

Doodly diddly doodling in isolation camp Canada.


This is me continuing to work on entropy, broken symmetry, for some reason it never ends.

I have always felt the artists first responsibility is to make something beautiful, which will hold the viewer or listener, as long as possible. I always thought it would be good to help forget pain, looking at a beautiful thing, no matter how grotesque.

The Sky Is Pink

These three images are from a series of works that started in 2011 titled ‘Metropolicide:Murder Of The City’. I had been watching a great deal of news programming and documentaries online about conflict, everywhere. Flipping from one news feed to another to fact check in some way. Trying to capture the way the scene on camera shakes when a bomb hits. Its still happening, its still madness, its increasing , insidious. The shaking makes me feel ill.

These works evolved into the Order to Chaos themes.

However, they began as a more literal attempt to depict the events I was seeing them, sometimes live on television. As these next three.

At times two monitors running two or three news feeds at once, all sound muted, I tend to listen to just one song at a time, played over and over until I get sick of it and put something else on.

It started here. Order to chaos.
Or maybe it was here.