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Greed, Hunger and Misery

‘Greed’, 36″ X 60″, oil on canvas.
‘Hunger’, 78″ X 120″, oil on canvas. 1993

I made a few sketches all related to finding the greed characterization. Its more about what greed does, eats your children, than what it looks like. Its a beast that has possessed many on this world, and this is its demand, Misery.

‘Misery’, 9″ X 12″, acrylic on canvas, 2011.

Jimmy the Billionaire

If you give Jimmy the billionaire a $50,000 tax break, he might order a pizza, if he can find a coupon. More likely, already invested in cleaning supplies. Give Jimmy the Janitor $50 and he will spend it, the same day, on necessities. That’s how you save the economy you greedy selfish FU@Ks!!!

Jimmy the Janitor.

Doodly diddly doodling in isolation camp Canada.