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The Sky Is Pink

These three images are from a series of works that started in 2011 titled ‘Metropolicide:Murder Of The City’. I had been watching a great deal of news programming and documentaries online about conflict, everywhere. Flipping from one news feed to another to fact check in some way. Trying to capture the way the scene on camera shakes when a bomb hits. Its still happening, its still madness, its increasing , insidious. The shaking makes me feel ill.

These works evolved into the Order to Chaos themes.

However, they began as a more literal attempt to depict the events I was seeing them, sometimes live on television. As these next three.

At times two monitors running two or three news feeds at once, all sound muted, I tend to listen to just one song at a time, played over and over until I get sick of it and put something else on.

It started here. Order to chaos.
Or maybe it was here.

Colour of Space

This strange idea came to me recently.

While I have been preparing for an upcoming show.

The show is concerning the order and disorder of mental health.

My condition is bi-polar, but I prefer to say I am bi-polar.

This work is all entirely new long after the themes of the show and the work have been decided. The work keeps happening, it keeps changing too. We live in a change machine. Its the second law of thermodynamics. Entropy will always increase


Graphic Anthropology

Biting the hand that barely feeds me.

These images are from 1993-1996. They are how I was affected the last time there was massive disaster/war/famine in the ‘horn’ of Africa. I believe we were busy balancing our bank accounts then also. Check your history books. It is all there if you have the nerve to have a look. Including what we have been up to, the excuses we have for taking what we want because they aren’t using it anyway. They won’t notice will they. Any nation on the planet now knows that the worst thing that can happen to them is finding something in their country that we in the domesticated west want. We don’t like paying for our things, we feel we are better, entitled to whatever we want. We have achieved a point in time where we have an entirely new generation of entitled people that really…

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